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River Cruise revisited

Bernard Magee - 

River Cruise revisited

One year on from our first jaunt down the Danube I am back again.

Above is my ‘snack’ at the airport.

I have already chatted to Alfie and Mummy this morning. Only a week away this time.

I proof read the next bridge in the plane, then the bus and finally at the hotel to keep ahead of the work.

The cruise starts today and the weather looks great.

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  • Monica Lyness

    Just returned from the wonderful trip on the Danube. Bernard you are the most fantastic host, Alfie is a delightful child and can see that he brings you great joy.
    Although we were unable to sail beyond Vienna, all the staff on board were cheerful and welcoming.
    We were lucky to have such good weather with plenty of sunshine.

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