Pre-streaming Routine

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Pre-streaming Routine

Every morning that I have an online session, I look after Alfie from 7 to 10.30 just to get me in the zone!

So much easier when the sun is shining.

More leads and frozen suits to come in the video and then new plans for another week .

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  • jUNE fERRE

    What a cute little boy Alfie is – great smile. I think he looks like Mr. Bridge – he may not thank me for that – lol
    June Ferre

  • Josie Heayns

    Thank you so much for all the seminars , they were excellent. Also enjoyed the Friday live sessions with the commentary on how to call and play the hands. Looking forward to the new venture.

  • Lillian Sandra Renton

    Hello Bernard -Tuesday and I think I have managed to log in as a founder member today.

    Sandra Renton.

    Will have to wait and see whether Majorca is on for next March as I have re-signed up for it,

    Regards to Alfie – hope he is behaving himself!

  • Annabel Nelms

    Being non-literate on the computer, I had a lot of difficulty actually signing in – thought you were going to exclude me before I managed it. But things can only get better! That’s why I am “Tryer”.

  • Ingrid Boyd

    I am pleased to say I managed to register as a Founder Member this morning without any problems. A very exciting week for you Bernard – launching the Founder membership of your new venture, as well as celebrating your 50th birthday. I hope you have a wonderful birthday on Wednesday and I look forward to ‘seeing’ you for the 11 am seminar. I think it is lovely that you are giving a seminar on 3rd June and sharing your birthday with your numerous Bridge ‘groupies’ . Wishing you the VERY best of luck with your new venture – I am sure it will be a great success. best wishes Ingrid

  • trainjoan

    Sweet. How is your Dad? Send my best wishes. *— * *Joan – * – Lipkin-Edwards Tel 0208 4550029 Mob: 07733 005766 Charity fund-raising. Computer,Internet and mobile ‘phone training/help for ‘older’ people

  • francinewinch

    I usually pick up the video in the late afternoon after gardening. Thanks so much for this. Looking forward to seeing you in person later this year!
    P.S. my name is Francine Gee

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