On board Serenity

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On board Serenity


The river cruise has started and I am in Vienna with a ship filled with bridge players. This afternoon is a quiet one – most are exploring Vienna, whilst a sedate 7 tables are playing bridge.

We have already visited Melk Abbey yesterday and the city of Vienna this morning. However, since this is my blog, I should admit that I had a lie-in this morning and wandered in to Nusdorff for my breakfast while the coaches explored Vienna.

After the adrenalin rush of the first two days it was good to have some time alone to recharge and also to engage with ‘real life’. I found myself looking up 32 weeks on the internet – reading about what my wife is going through this week. At the same time trying to prepare myself for fatherhood. Wow!

A little bit of emotion surfaced as I rang Helen to catch up and to discuss our hopes and worries. I also mentioned that I thought she would enjoy next week’s river cruise. It is so relaxing to watch the river go by, with so many points of interest as well as the trees entering the autumnal phase.

Tomorrow we will be in the centre of Budapest and there will be plenty of exploring to do – my first time in Hungary.


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