NCT, IKEA, etc.

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NCT, IKEA, etc.

Our first NCT meeting brings the baby’s arrival very much in to focus.

For me it was nice to meet prospective fathers who had the same worries as me.

Just over 5 weeks to go.

Then a trip to IKEA for furniture for the new arrival.

The picture is off the paint I was going to use to start painting the nursery but it had gone off so more needs to be bought.

I am finding it rather daunting at the moment.

I was joined by my sister at Ikea and her two young children: stories of parenthood and pregnancy.

Yesterday there were more nephews and nieces and more stories.

Big families are full of tales.

Soon Helen and I will have our own family. However plenty more bridge before that – articles, events and the six videos for 2018.

An update on those pallets from the river cruise: they were left there for 4 days but we are hopeful that they have been collected and sometime before the end of the year we might get them back!

Dealing with freight abroad is a learning curve.

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