Happy Birthday Alfie

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Happy Birthday Alfie

He started the day with balloon football. And the fun went on throughout the day.

Obviously he was spoilt rotten all day!

Here he is with his cake and his transforming cars!

Meanwhile we all sung happy birthday – a small sample of the family as it has to be at this time.

And then of course he had the chance to eat it!

He is not sure he want to be three yet, because his favourite number is two. So he is two and twelve months.

Posted by: Bernard Magee


  • Vera Schofield

    Happy Birthday Alfie you are a little darling. I love your birthday cake did Mummy make it or Daddy? You seem to have plenty of toys to keep you occupied. I also love the lovely curls in your hair.

    Happy Christmas and all the very best for the New Year 2021 to Bernard, Helen, Alfie and all the helpers.


  • Its a real joy to follow Alfie's progress with lovely family photos. How can a 2 years and 12 months old boy not make a mess!

  • Kenneth Haines

    These pictures really cheered me up in this awful year (and it's winter too).
    Thanks for all your efforts Bernard – your Youtube Seminars got us through the lockdown and kept us sane (ish).

  • Cherry Simmonds

    Lovely ! He's a very lucky little boy

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