Hair cut wars

Bernard Magee - 

Hair cut wars

A few curls left

Having displayed my new cut this morning, here is Alfie’s new hair.

You can be the judge.

He seems happy enough anyway.

Posted by: Bernard Magee


  • Fran Bennie

    I think I can see your Dad as a wee boy, when I look at Alfie !

  • Ann Agnew

    He’s so cute

  • Berwyn Aston

    Looking forward to all the fun.
    Alfie is so cute, love the picture.

  • Vera Schofield

    Alfie looks adorable. Don’t suppose you cut his hair!!!!
    Bridge sessions really good and helpful. Looking forward to the 22nd June.
    Regards Vera

  • Maggie Burns

    He looks a lovely little boy

  • Helene Walton

    Gorgeous x

  • Bridget Tanner

    Lovely photo. Treasure these years.
    Many thanks for your seminars. We both really enjoyed them.
    Best Wishes, B

  • Pauline Clift

    What a gorgeous little lad and like his dad all smiles.

  • reuben lewis

    Beautiful photo. Such a great smile
    Keep well

  • Linda Parry

    First time I have seenyour beautiful boy! He must have inherited the blond curls from your wife!
    Howeber, as the saying goes, he hasyour eyes… and your smile…

  • Lisbeth Diaper

    Looks a happy little boy.
    Thank you so much for the bridge seminars you have been providing during lockdown – they are very much appreciated.

  • Julie De Vos

    Looks gorgeous!!!

  • Moira Shepherd

    Thanks for bidding the hand I sent you last week!

  • Lesley Reuben

    He looks just like you!

  • Alison Grant

    Very interested in the new Bernard Magee Bridge website; enjoyed your promotion of it this morning… but please can you learn the difference between “practice” the noun and “practise” the verb?
    Alison (Recently retired languages’ teacher but relatively new Bridge player, with only 6 years experience)
    P.S. Have followed all the 28 lockdown seminars and love your teaching style!

  • June Williams

    Oooh so cute, he’s gorgeous.

  • Daphne Ashe

    I think both your haircuts look good – my husband has cut mine so I look a bit odd myself! Best wishes to you all and thanks for the great bridge lessons.

  • Jean Gill


    He is just gorgeous. What a happy little boy and such a lovely smile. It’s so his natural self and not put on for the camera. What joy he holds for you. Wonder if he will like bridge??!!

    Best wishes to all of you and thank you for the bridge transmissions. They are so helpful.

    Jean Gill

  • Great! As long as he’s happy I say. I’ve had mine trimmed too, but there’s less than he has for sure!
    Stay well.
    Robin and Hilary

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