Going Live

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Going Live

This is a taste of the equipment and set up that Helen has been working on to get me going live on YouTube.

Aiming to start on Monday 30th at 11am

Excited but also nervous – it is very new to me, but hopefully will give me a chance to entertain a few people as well as myself.

Below are links to my introductory video and then the first live stream set for Monday.

Introduction video:

Scheduled YouTube Live stream link – scheduled for Monday 30 March at 11am:

Posted by: Bernard Magee


  • leigh Martin

    I am hoping to learn bridge and will comment on graphics if that is ok. I am afraid I am a visual audio and kinesthetic learner (vak) so the last part doesn’t come into it but the graphics need to be a bit more user friendly So visually you are great to watch and listen to. However I need some help on positional layout and interaction. Maybe a cream background and different font to start with.
    I hope this helps.


    Please advise how to log into your live tutorial today Monday 6 April- thanks

  • Valerie Gibson

    Looking forward to it. Good luck!

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