Getting the work done…

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Getting the work done…

This week is all about getting the prep done for the next 2 or 3 months!

The six DVDs for 2018 are my major project but also the articles for the magazine.

The picture is of my office desk: one is showing a PowerPoint presentation on defence against slams. Yes, I am still working on that one.

The other side has a bumper quiz for the magazine – the usual 12 questions and answers.

Helen is busy too: trying to get the business in a good place.

We are both starting to fret. Very excited but worried too.

Plenty of experience to call on, with my siblings having had so many children.

However, stories of babies coming early do not help! We need our two weeks.

This evening I am going to get the computer to create the hands for Twixmas and New Year at Denham Grove.

Seems a distance away now but I have a feeling it will be on top of me all too quickly.

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