Bridge Seminar A Great Success

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Bridge Seminar A Great Success

Bernard Magee, the UK’s best known Bridge teacher and host, volunteered to run a Bridge seminar at the Stirling & Union Bridge Club (S&UBC) Colquhoun Street, Stirling on Monday 7th August. Bernard waived any fee and all proceeds are being shared equally between two charities, Cancer Research, Scotland and Strathcarron Hospice, Denny.


In total 77 people signed up and paid £25.00 each which means each charity were due to l receive £962.50. S&UBC have decided to make up the money so that each charity gets £1000!

As participants arrived Sylvia MacKenzie and her small support team served soft and hot drinks along with homemade cakes and biscuits. This set the atmosphere for everyone to get acquainted before settling down to listen to Bernard’s seminar.

Several of those attending got to know about Bernard during the CV19 lockdown where he set up online bridge events which were often a ‘lifeline’ for many people who had been unable to get out to their local clubs. His online events provided a great opportunity for players to make new friends.

Bernard has published numerous books, CDs, quizzes and puzzles relating to Bridge, as well as writing regular articles for the BRIDGE Magazine. People were understandably excited at the prospect of this seminar and it can be safely said that no one was disappointed as Bernard’s easy style made people feel at ease and relaxed.

The sandwich lunch was a casual affair and an excellent opportunity for attendees to ask questions about the seminar topic.

After lunch Bernard and a few club volunteers setup things so that all the attendees played bridge hands that were set up to reflect the seminars topic “discards in defence” with expert comment and support from Bernard himself.


S&UBC paid for all the food and drink from the clubs resources, such that every penny of the attendance fee was able to be allocated to the two charities.

The Club President thanked Bernard, the volunteer helpers, and George Roberts, who had organised this outstanding event. He in turn thanked the club for its generosity.

The club will be running more seminars and Bridge classes over the coming months and anyone interested should contact the Club Secretary. [email protected]

Details are on the club website which is easily accessed via this link.

Article by: George Roberts, Sterling & Union Bridge Club.

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